Chernly and Chung

Practiced in Mid-Cities area since 1985
We have hidden the authors' names in the following testimonials, due to the Private Policy Act.

   Dear Dr. Chernly, Grace, and Staff,

   Thank you for the exceptional care you give; for your compassion; for your willingness to go the extra mile; and for always
interacting with your patients with the highest degree of professionalism.

   May God bless all of you and keep you in good health.



 Addiction (TOP)

   Dear Dr. Chernly, Dr. Chung and Dr. Wang

   I am taking this opportunity to send you a letter to thank you for your help. I would love for you to let your clients read this
because I sincerely believe in you and in acupuncture.

   I am going to give a brief history of my life in the past four years - of my struggle and  battle with cancer. I was 32 years old. Since
that time I've spent more than 400 days in the hospital recovering from surgeries, blood clots, chemotherapy and even a bone
marrow transplant. I felt like my body was operating on a 60 to 70 - percent energy level - and I suffered from fatigue and nausea
daily. During the past four years, I had become dependent on pain pills because of the extreme pain from the chemotherapy and
was taking around 100 pain pills a week.

   After the bone marrow transplant in September 1997. I experienced nausea most of the time and consequently lost 45 pounds.
When I met you in March 1998, my cancer had just returned for the fourth time and I had already taken two chemotherapy
treatments. I was running on about 60 percent energy and I felt just downright miserable.

   I am now 36 years old and have been sick for so long that I had forgotten how to feel well. After seeing you and being treated by
you, my quality of life has taken a drastic change. Even though I am still taking chemotherapy, I feel great. I am a person again and
my energy levels have almost returned to what they were before I ever got sick! The vomiting has virtually stopped - which is good
because my oncologist wants me to gain 20 pounds (I've gained 12 pounds so far). For me to gain weight while undergoing
chemotherapy is extraordinary! Since my acupuncture treatments, which I take weekly the day before I do a chemotherapy
treatment, I have gotten sick only once. My addiction to pain pills stopped three days after the first treatment and I have remained
off them since that time with the exception of one or two that I take in conjunction with chemo. Getting off the pain pills is a major
accomplishment. My energy level has gone from 60 percent to about 90 percent. My down time with chemotherapy is only one day,
which is a drastic change from the past when I would be sick for four to five days. I feel alive again and that is truly a wonderful

   Many factors have helped me get to this point. First is my faith in God and his plans for me. Second is my wife and my love for
her, and her help and determination that we will survive. Third is my love for life and everything about it. Fourth is my job and the
people I work with and my clients. My job is good therapy for me.

   The only thing I would change if I had to do this all over again would be to meet you sooner. Your care and treatment have
improved my quality of life so much that I have to speak out. If I would have known you earlier, much pain and sickness could have
been avoided.




   "I has allergy all year long, stuffy nose, sneezing, nose blowing all the time and the congestion causes me bad headache. I
started my treatment once a week around mid January. After first treatment, my allergy was much better and I had less allergy
headache. At the fourth week, I found myself not sneezing at all lately, which was amazing because most of people around me are
suffering from bad allergy due to the weather change. Thanks to Dr. Chung, Dr. Wang and therapists. Now, I am going to try
acupuncture to help my lower back pain and quit smoking."  ---- S.D.


 Back Pain (TOP)

   "I received wonderful relief from my back pain. This team of Doctors and family members are very good at what they do. If you
have never experienced Acupuncture, then try it, you will be rewarded with the gift of reduced paid. I ask the Doctor what is it that
works so well? He said it is a gift from God and because it allows healing to begin. I am convinced, you will be also." --- H.L.


   "I am a truck driver and had been used to having pain in my lower back when driving long hours. With only 3 treatments, my lower
back pain is gone. I am still not used to no pain when driving. The result is amazing!!!"  ---- S.D.


   Dear Dr. Chernly and Staffs

   It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write this testimonial to Chernly & Chung Acupuncture Center.

   For three long years I was in constant pain, night and day. Pain being in lower left back, and left leg from knee to ankle. Normal
accomplishments down to almost zero.

   After X-ray, mylograms, cat-scans-- celebres, neurotin, each with negative effects.

   Then two surgeons, pain clinic and ten weeks of therapy at finally.

   Those nights were mostly sleepless, ending in a dreary morning and a day with few accomplishments

   After ten visits to Chernly Acupuncture Center, the pain has changed from nine to two, and often no pain. I sleep at night and
awaken with energy to greet a wonderful world.

   Chernly Acupuncture Center is a giant step toward healing a trouble body.

   I am forever grateful.

   Our very best to Dr. Chernly's Team


   Dear Dr. Chernly and Dr. Chung

   Since July of last year I had been struggling daily with pain associated with a muscle spasm in my back. Before seeking treatment
from your office, I received treatment from a chiropractor (some results,) my family physician (no results, even with pain medication
and muscle relaxants,) an orthopedic doctor (minor results with injections into my back,) and a physical therapist (again, little
improvement.) Frankly, I had almost given up hope that I would ever feel normal again.

   Fortunately for me, you opened your office on Harwood. I saw the sign one day while I was driving by and was intrigued by the
idea of acupuncture. I had read some about it, even knew it worked in principle, but had never experienced acupuncture for myself.
So I stopped in to get some information. your receptionist was pleasant, and offered to let me talk to you right away to get my
questions answered. I decided to start treatment the next day.

   Immediately after my first treatment (which was relatively painless,) I noticed a small improvement. Although some of the methods
were foreign to me, I figured I should give the treatment a chance to work. I am happy to report that two months later I am almost
completely back to normal. I actually have days where I don't notice my back problem at all! I honestly feel like if it wasn't for the
care administered by you and your wonderful staff, I'd still be suffering today. Thank you for helping my body to heal. You can be
certain I'll recommend your practice to anyone I meet in need of relief from pain.

   May God bless you and your staff.


   P.S. The three treatments you provided to my pregnant wife to help alleviate her headaches were literally God-sent. Not being
able to take any medications, she was constantly in pain due to sinus pressure. Acupuncture allowed her to feel almost normal
again (as normal as you can when you're pregnant!)


   Hi Dr. Chernly and Grace!

   What a blessing you all are to those who suffer.

   Thank you for your kind touches and caring.

   (Even though the kind “touches” are 10 inch swords in my back! ^_^)

   I want to tell you – your support emotionally as well as physically during this time of intense pain meant so much to me.

   And – the most miraculous event has occurred in my life – HE has touched me!

   That is why I have not needed to return for treatment.

   Sunday morning (I had been with you for 2 treatments Sat.) – I went to church – in much pain. After church a friend put his hands
on my back and prayed for God’s healing touch. Instantly, I felt warmth radiating and I felt as if another “presence” was within me. It
was the Holy Spirit. I could jump up and down and twist and bend and I am perfect now.

   If I begin to feel a tightening or an ache in my lower back, I ask the Lord to take it away and it is gone. I am free of pain and totally
mobile and complete range of motion! Blessed be the MOST HIGH GOD!

   “I am the LORD that healeth thee”, Exodus 15:26

   “And the prayer of faith will heal the sick and the LORD will raise him up.” James 5:15. Thank you for your ministry of healing
hands as well. I know you were praying over me as you worked on me.

   Dr. Chernly family

   Thank you both for all that you have done for me. I pray that God would bless you and your family. You both have been such a
blessing to me.


   Dear Dr. Chernly:

   I would like to express my profound appreciation for your compassionate professionalism and the expertise with which you are
treating my pinched nerve.

   When I initially consulted with you on March 25, 1999 I had been informed by an orthopedic surgeon following an MRI that the
only satisfactory method of treatment would be immediate surgery and the general prognosis was less than favorable due to my
previous two cervical operations and my spinal fusion. I was disabled and had been unable to perform the most basic needs known
to womankind – that of styling my hair and dressing in less that excruciating pain!!

   Three months of uncertainly led me to you. Having completed approximately 50% of the treatment regimen you prescribed, I am
performing limited range of motion activities with the left shoulder and arm and have every confidence that I shall be fully functional
when my swimming instructor specifies … I feel reborn to say the least!!

   This high standard of care and dedication to patient well-being is exceedingly rare in today’s climate of managed health care.
Accordingly, I would also like to commend the efficiency of your entire staff for the genuine concern they dispense with unfailing
cheerfulness and dedicated competence – “Team Chernly” has EVERY REASON to be proud.

   Again, please accept my sincere thanks.

   Kindest Regards,)


   Dear Grace and Dr. Chernly

   I want to thank you for the wonderful results of my visit and treatment. Two days later and I had no symptoms of pain in my back!
I will come back again because during the ice storms I slightly re-injured it again. I have told many people about you and hope my
friends will experience acupuncture through your excellent care.

   Thank you again for the marvelous results!

   Sincerely yours,


   Dear 陳醫師 and Grace

如何渡過那一段又急又亂 packing的日子,您們用服事神僕人的心來待我們,我們深覺不配,也無法報答。


   其實我們並不是 ”享受” 您們的醫藥,我們更 ”享受” 您們的友誼與信任。



   Dear Dr. Chernly

   A short note to say thank you for your wonderful treatment, for my sciatic nerve problem, and to let you know I am fully recovered.

   I am a working testimonial to your expertise and professionalism. You are congratulated for the wonderful service you perform.

    My best wishes and prayers to you and your family




   After all the "Election Stress" Nov. 2nd,  I took a terrible cold, with a headache that wouldn't go away, even with medicine which I
loathed to take. On Nov. 17th, with one treatment in your office, and a massage with Stephanie, who was by the way excellent, I
slept without the recurring headache, Wow!

   Thank you very much again.

   And I will be thinking of you all!



   Dear Dr. Chernly and the Team

   We can not thank you enough for all you did for us last fall. After several years filled with miscarriage, heartache and too many
infertility treatments to count, we thought we would try acupuncture before giving up our hopes of being parents. We were lucky
enough to find you and your clinic.

   It is still unbelievable to us that after trying so many other things, we became pregnant within the first month of acupuncture
treatments. What a blessing! And now our long awaited prayers are answered and our little Katie is here.

   We wish you continued success in helping other couples become families as well. We look forward to seeing you next summer as
we begin plans for Katie’s little brother or sister! Thank you again.

   Forever thankful,
The LORD will keep you free from every disease. He will not inflict on you the horrible disease you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on all who hate you. (Deut. 7:15)